At Roof Slate, we pride ourselves at being a proper roofing centre.
We carry a huge range of accessories to finish all roofs, and to suit all customer tastes. Also, if we dont have it, with our contacts and experience we will always try to help.
We also stock the necessary roofing/slating tools, to ensure the job can be finished to the highest standard.
slating tools

Roof Membrane/Felt

Roof Membrane / Felt
  • Fakro Eurotop
  • Vent 3 Classic
  • Permo Forte
  • VP400
  • Tyvek

When choosing your felt, discuss this with your roofing specialist. We are finding a lot of the lighter/cheaper felt is being delivered with the roof timbers from the general builders merchants.
This can create additional expense to the customer for ventilation, and cheaper felt does not have the same strength, ventilation or insulation qualities
Roof Membrane Felt

Slate and valley Trum


Copper Nails

  • 30mm
  • 35mm
  • 38mm
  • 40mm
  • 50mm
  • 60mm
Copper nails are recommended for fitting natural slate. They will not corrode and allow for movement in the roof structure, without stressing the slate. Slate guarantees may be affected if copper nails are not used

Guarantees will be affected if copper nails are not used.
Copper Nails

Stainless steel nails



  • Slate Vents
  • Over Fascia Vents
  • Ridge Ventilation system (dependiing on ridge type)


Lead and Lead Replacement Products

Various sizes available for chimney trays, flashing/soakers, valleys and traditional ridging systems.

Roof Windows

Fakro Roof Windows.
Roof Windows

Clay ridges

  • Plain angle ridge
  • Capped angle ridge
  • Terracotta ridge
  • Ornamental ridge
  • Coxcomb
Clay ridges

Clay ridges

Type 1 Slate Trim

Slate Trim
Slate Trim

Type 2 Slate Trim

Slate Trim
Slate Trim