Global Slate

Global Natural Roof Slate are a distinctive blue/green to blue/grey coloured slate which leaves a natural finish on any roof. They are a popular choice with architects as replacements for old Irish Killaloe Slates and Cornish, Delabole and Trevelitt Natural Slates in UK. They are readily available and are competitively priced against the above named reclaimed slates.

Global slate may contain thin visible bands of pyrite which may discolour, but will not leach. Shading/Colour Variations and pyrite content are naturally occuring and does not affect the quality or life expectancy of the slate.

The excellent working characteristics of this slate means that it splits easily giving a smooth close grained texture. This gives the roof a neat and crisp finish. They are a favourite with roofing contractors as they are easy to fit, require minimal grading and have minimal waste.

Global Slate

Origin Lugo, Spain
Colour Blue/Grey to Blue/Green
Texture Flat Smooth Slate, Vertical Grain and some Visible Pyrite
Grades Available Premier
Sizes Available 50 x 25, 60 x 30
Thickness 7 mm
Guarantee 30 years (quarry backed)
Test Results A1, S1, T1